Drivers Ed

Classroom Driver Education - 2019-2020
Unit 5 will offer 2 sections of Classroom Driver Education this year - during Quarter 2 and during Quarter 4. Students must be at least 15 by December 17th to enroll in Quarter 2 and at least 15 by May 19th to enroll in Quarter 4. Eligible students must complete and return the registration form with the $100 fee by the deadline. We will have the applications available about one month prior to the class starting. The class is held in our school from 7:00 a.m. - 7:55 a.m. for 9 weeks. The oldest 30 students to register by the deadline will be enrolled in the class. Registration forms will be available in the Guidance Office.

Unit 5 will offer 2 sections of Behind-the-Wheel during Quarter 1 and Quarter 3.  If students have completed the classroom portion of Driver's Education here at Central Catholic, they are automatically signed up for the Behind the Wheel component of the class.  Please be aware that only 8 students get through Behind-the-Wheel in a year and we have approximately 50 students take the Classroom portion of Driver Education.  Students may need to seek out the Behind-the-Wheel experience with a private driving school.  

Students do not need to reapply to enroll in Behind-the-Wheel if they have completed our Central Catholic Driver Education Classroom program. The Unit 5 instructor will contact the students in date of birth order to schedule their driving. The driving portion will meet at the same time as the Classroom portion but for only 4.5 weeks. There is a $300 fee for Behind-the-Wheel. Students may also choose to complete the Behind-the-Wheel portion with a private driving school. To find out further information regarding the scheduling for the Behind-the-Wheel program, please contact the Unit 5 instructor Trevor Kaufman at kaufmanta@myunit5.org.