There is helpful information on this page regarding what students need to do in order to be eligible to be a college athlete. NCAA and NAIA are the two organizations that monitor eligibility of college athletes. The CCHS counselors are a great resource and we work with students to pick the right classes. Please read through and come visit with us as you have questions. 

Eligibility Requirements

Check out the Division I and II Initial Eligibility Quick Reference Sheet to see high school core requirements and ACT/SAT requirements. 

What high school classes at Central count as core classes?
Ultimately, it is the student's responsibility to ensure s/he is taking the appropriate course requirements and maintaining the GPA and ACT score needed for eligibility.  

To view the list of Central Catholic High School classes that count toward NCAA eligibility, please follow these step by step directions:
1) Go to the High School Portal
2) Click on List of NCAA Courses
3) Enter our state, city, and Central Catholic High School

A list of acceptable courses will show up.  Any courses NOT on that list are NOT acceptable core classes (i.e. Wellness, Art, Theology, etc.) and will NOT be used in calculating your core GPA for eligibility. 

To Register as a Student-Athlete with the NCAA:
Students register for the NCAA Eligibility Center
 online.  There are two different types of accounts students can choose from: traditional certification account or a free profile account. The traditional certification account is for those wanting to attend and compete at Division I and II schools.  A free profile account is for those wanting to attend Division III schools and for those students not yet sure at what Division school they want to attend and compete.  Also, if a student with a profile account decides to compete at the Division I or II level, they can easily transition their profile account to a certification account. 

Students who plan to compete in athletics at the Division I or Division II college level must complete a certification account in order to be eligible.  There is a registration fee of $80. To pay online students will need to use a credit card.  Please let your counselor know that you plan to register. The NCAA would like freshmen student-athletes to create a free profile account. 

Other College Athletic Links

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NCAA Guide for College-Bound Student Athletes - NCAA's most comprehensive guide for students wanting to know eligibility requirements; differences between D1, D2, and D3 schools; how to register; recruiting calendars and more.  

NCAA Registration Website  - also referred to as the NCAA Clearinghouse or Eligibility Center

NAIA - National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics information

NJCAA - National Junior College Athletic Association information
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