This course is intended to present an in-depth coverage of HTML and basic Web design techniques. No experience with Web page development or computer programming is required.

Objectives of the Class
Teach the fundamentals of developing Web pages.
Present a thorough study of the HTML language and creating Web pages suitable for course work, professional purposes and personal use.
Acquaint student with the HTML5 and CSS3 guidelines and tags.
Expose students to common Web page formats and functions.

Topics Covered
Preparing to Create a Web Site
Getting Started with HTML
Getting Started with CSS
Using Divs and Spans
Formatting Text with CSS
Inserting and working with links
Editing Pictures and Graphics for the Web
Inserting and Working with Images
Organizing Content with Lists and Tables
Implementing Page Layout with HTML and CSS 
Creating a Form on a Web Page

A - 90-100
B - 80-90
C - 70-80
D - 60-70
F - 0-59

Announced examinations (1) 100pts/each
Section Programming quizzes: 10pts/each
When applicable we'll have daily announced quizzes after discussion.

Student Conduct In Class Policy
Any acts of classroom disruption that go beyond the normal rights of students to question and discuss with instructors the educational process relative to subject content will not be tolerated, in accordance with the Academic Code of Conduct described in the Student Handbook.

HTML Daily Lesson Plans

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