Networking and Security

This course is intended to present an in-depth coverage of networking and security.

Objectives of the Class

This class will go over the basics on how to setup, secure, and maintain computers and computer networks for Windows and Linux. We will learn about every piece of networking equipment, the protocols used by them, and how to secure them. We’ll discuss different types of threats and vulnerabilities, and how to prepare (harden) your computer or network to mitigate the threats from attacks and viruses.

In today’s interconnected, networked world, learn how to protect your data and if you like it, prepare to pursue it at the next level.
A - 90-100
B - 80-90
C - 70-80
D - 60-70
F - 0-59
Announced examinations (1) 100pts/each
Chapter quizzes 20pts/each
Daily Quiz from previous day's discussion 1pt/each 
Student Conduct In Class Policy
Any acts of classroom disruption that go beyond the normal rights of students to question and discuss with instructors the educational process relative to subject content will not be tolerated, in accordance with the Academic Code of Conduct described in the Student Handbook. Daily Schedule for 2016-2017 School year