Vita Christi Activities

Rock The House
Rock the House is a way to welcome back the student body socially and spiritually. Activities have included water balloon games, a performance by the Gamma Phi Circus, Sumo Wrestling by the teachers, and other random games played for prizes. More importantly Rock the House provides the students with a chance for Confessions and Mass. Rock the House will be in September this year.

Pro-Life Trip
The Pro Life trip lets upperclassmen in Vita Christi voice there opinion by letting them march on the U.S. Supreme Court. See the Pro Life page for more details.

Freshman Sophomore Pro-Life Activities
To compliment the Upper Classmen's pro-life trip, we will look into events happening in our own State of Illinois and going to the Illinois Congress and protesting abortion in our State.

Christmas Shop and Drop
In the past we have had The Christmas Shop and Drop, an opportunity for parents to drop their kids off during the busy holiday season while the parents finish up any chores/shopping that they might need to do. There is no charge and the children can participate in a variety of activities that include cookie decorating, Christmas games, and maybe even meet St.Nicholas himself!! 

24 for 24
24 for 24 is a chance for our students to fast together during Lent. Each student is asked to raise 24 dollars by fasting for a day. Students, after a day of fasting, celebrate Mass with the other participants and then enjoy a pizza lunch purchased with the money raised by the fast.

Vita Christi is also involved with many other day to day activities that you might not realize.  Putting reminders on students lockers to attend Vita Christi as well as leaving specific prayers on lockers are just small ways that Vita Christi gets everyone involved.