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Central Catholic High School Curriculum Guide

Welcome to Central Catholic High School! You will find that this is a special place – it is family.

As in all families, our members have a variety of gifts and talents that we share with one another. And, as in all families, we struggle together to address our weaknesses and work out our differences. Together, as parents, students, and educators, we have numerous opportunities to grow and develop intellectually, socially and spiritually. There will be many people beside you to help along the way, but only you can decide whether or not you will take advantage of these opportunities. The Central Catholic High School staff believe that its curricular offerings provide students the opportunity to prepare themselves to meet the many and varied challenges they will encounter in this global, dynamic 21st Century.

Students at Central Catholic have defined curricular choices during the freshman and sophomore years. There are more elective choices during the junior and senior years. In order for the students to be eligible for graduation, they are required to:

  • successfully complete a specific selection of courses in each core area (see below)
  • earn a total of 25 units of credit
  • successfully complete the Diocese of Peoria Religion Exam
  • successfully complete 80 hours of Living the Faith service hours. (Pro-rated for transfer students)

Parents/guardians are encouraged to discuss with their students the necessity to carefully plan their course of study for each year, taking into account plans after high school completion. It is important to explore career options, as these often require a specific sequence of courses. The Central Catholic High School Counseling Center personnel begin the process of a four-year plan of study during the freshman registration period. They are here to assist all students and families with planning the students’ present course of study and exploring and adjusting the four-year plan throughout high school. It is important for students and parents/guardians to gather information regarding college/university entrance requirements early so that the students are appropriately prepared to make application to the post secondary schools of their choice. 

All students at Central Catholic High School are required to complete one theology course each year. The designated grade level theology course provides the students with the opportunity to renew and deepen their understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church. Students are challenged to deepen their respect for living a moral, value-driven lifestyle. If a student transfers into Central Catholic, the number of theology courses is pro-rated.
We hope our curriculum and teachers will meet students where they are, challenge them, and both deepen and broaden their academic understanding of the content areas. Download our entire Curriculum Guide here.

Central Catholic Graduation Requirements

The following table specifies minimum graduation requirements for students enrolled at Central Catholic High School:

Diocesan Religion Assessment
Driver Education
Consumer Education
Comprehensive Fine Arts
Foreign Language/BACC/Fine Arts


Wellness (Health & PE)
Social Studies
Living the Faith Service (80 hrs)


*Total Credits Required = 25

a. Four semesters of Wellness are required during the freshman and sophomore years. Driver Education is taken through the local public school district before and after school for students wanting to take advantage of this opportunity at an additional charge. 

b. All students must take U.S. History and pass the Illinois and U.S. Constitution and flag tests.

c. All students must pass a course in Consumer Economics or Consumer Education in order to meet the state of Illinois requirement.

*These graduation credits are minimum requirements. Most students take more than the minimum number of credits required for graduation during their educational experience at Central Catholic High School in order to be academically competitive in the college admission process. (For example: Take 3 or more credits of social studies instead of 2.5 required)