Here are the steps for Fall Enrollment for the 2023-24 School Year at Central Catholic High School:

  1. Fill out our online application. It takes about five minutes and there is no obligation - it simply shows us that you're interested in having your eighth grade student attend Central Catholic.
  2. Last year, nearly half of our students recieved tuition assistance and totalling over $477,000. If you are applying for tuition assistance, fill out and submit FACTS Grant & Aid by October 31.
  3. As your quarter/trimester ends, we'll ask your student's school for current grades and will look to approve our applicants. If your student attends Corpus Christi, Epiphany or St. Mary's, we'll receive those records automatically. If your student attends any other school, you'll receive an "Academic and Discipline Request" form to sign and take to your current school when you apply.
  4. We'll send offer letters the week of November 14 to all approved students. The offer letter is your invitation to accept admittance to Central Catholic. It will contain tuition assistance amounts for those who applied via FACTS Grant & Aid and reflect scholarships for our Saints Scholars.
  5. Once you accept the offer letter, you'll receive registration information.
  6. After registering, you'll meet with one of our counselors, set up the classes for your student's freshman year, and remit a $300 Commitment Fee. These meetings will take place between November 29 - December 8.
  7. Your student is a Saint!