Know Truth, Love God, and Serve Others

This resource is to provide you a clearer, more accurate picture of the House System at Central Catholic, based on the communicated questions and needs of our students and families.  That said, please understand this information is subject to updates and changes due to a plethora of factors.  Also, this is not an exhaustive list.  It is fluid and will continue to grow as there are still both grand and minuscule questions and considerations to be resolved in the future.  Nonetheless, please know we will continue to work on these items so you can stay grounded and informed during this time!  

As we continue to receive questions, obtain information, and create resources, this page will be updated!  Please continue to check back here frequently!

Ultimately, our hope is you find this information useful as we, as a Saints Family, continue to focus on how to create meaningful connections with one another, continue to invest and provide excellent academic opportunities for our students, and promote positive spiritual, behavioral, and relational strategies for your student!

Guiding principles

house basics

student life

block schedule